Horley Miniature Locomotives


Horley Miniature Locomotives llp.Suppliers of drawings, parts and castings for a range of miniature steam locomotives in 5 inch, 7 ¼ inch and 10 ¼ inch gauges.

  Note: Our range of locomotive parts and drawings is fairly extensive, and one or two have not yet  been added to this new website - Please contact us if you cannot find what you need 

Horley Miniature Locomotives llp came into being from 1st July 2010 after buying J.V.M.L. from Jim Vass. We supply castings , fittings & drawings for the construction of miniature locomotives in 5" & 7¼" gauges.
Our products at present include 10 designs attributed to various designers of locomotives for our hobby.
In 5" gauge we have:
  • N.B.R. 4-4-2. Waverley
  • S.R. 2-6-0 Ashford
  • L.N.E.R. 0-6-0 Stratford
.... all to the designs of Martin Evans. 
In 7.25" gauge we have:
To the designs of Martin Evans: 
  • G.W.R. 14xx class 0-4-2 Tank Dart
  • L.N.E.R. B1 class 4-6-0

To the designs of Dick Stockings:

  • G.W.R.class 1100 0-4-0 Dock Tank
B.R.Standard designs are all well covered as follows:
  • Standard class 2 2-6-2t
  • Standard class 2 2-6-0 
and to the designs of Jim Vass: 
  • Standard class 4 2-6-4t
  • Standard class 5 4-6-0
  • Standard class 7 4-6-2 Britannia
  • Standard class 9 2-10-0
  • L.M.S. class 8p 4-6-2


Drawings for the Martin Evans designs are all available from Hobby Store at myhobbystore.co.uk, all other drawings are available from H.M.L.llp.
We can also provide a limited few sizes of iron rivets as well as 2ba nuts, see catalogue for details.
Please see our catalouges for full details of parts drawings and costs of our designs.