Horley Miniature Locomotives

Horley Miniature Locomotives llp. Suppliers of drawings, parts and castings for a range of miniature steam locomotives in 5 inch and 7 ¼ inch  gauges.

  Note: Our range of locomotive parts and drawings is fairly extensive, and one or two have not yet  been added to this new website - Please contact us if you cannot find what you need 

Horley Miniature Locomotives llp came into being from 1st July 2010 after buying J.V.M.L. from Jim Vass. We supply castings , fittings & drawings for the construction of miniature locomotives in 5" & 7¼" gauges.
Our products at present include 14 designs attributed to various designers of locomotives for our hobby.
In 5" gauge we have:
  • N.B.R. 4-4-2. Waverley
  • S.R. 2-6-0 Ashford
  • L.N.E.R. 0-6-0 Stratford
.... all to the designs of Martin Evans. 
In 7.25" gauge we have:
To the designs of Martin Evans: 
  • G.W.R. 14xx class 0-4-2T   Dart
  • L.N.E.R. B1 class 4-6-0
  • S.R. S15 4-6-0

To the designs of Dick Stockings:

  • G.W.R.class 1100 0-4-0T   Dock Tank
B.R.Standard designs are all well covered as follows:
  • Standard class 2 2-6-2t
  • Standard class 2 2-6-0
and to the designs of Jim Vass: 
  • Standard class 4 2-6-4t
  • Standard class 5 4-6-0
  • Standard class 7 4-6-2 ( Britannia )
  • Standard class 9 2-10-0
  • L.M.S.BR class 8 4-6-2( Coronation)


Drawings for the Martin Evans designs are all available from Hobby Store at myhobbystore.co.uk, all other drawings are available from H.M.L.llp.
Please see our price lists for full details of parts drawings and costs of our designs.