Horley Miniature Locomotives

N.B.R. 4-4-2 Waverley

Designed by Martin Evans

Locomotive Specification:

Length-62 ⅞"; Height-13 ⅝"; Width -9 ½"

Driving Wheel dia 7⅜"

Cylinders 1⅝" bore x 2 ⅜" stroke

Slide valve

Stephenson gear

Scale 1 " = 1'- 0"

Drawings List

WAV01  GA and frame details.

WAV02  Arrangement and details of locomotive hornblocks, axleboxes, buffer and drag beams, axles, springs, wheels, coupling rods and stretchers.

WAV03  Arrangement and details of bogie.

WAV04  Arrangement and details of cylinders, pistons, valves, crossheads, connecting rods and outside motion plate.

WAV05  Arrangement and details valve gear, reversing lever and inside motion plate.

WAV06  Arrangement and details of brakes, brake cylinder and drain cocks.

WAV07  Arrangement and details of firebox and boiler.

WAV08  Arrangement and details of superheater, smokebox pipework, chimney and steam dome.

WAV09  Arrangement and details of lubricator,regulator and ashpan.

WAV10  Arrangement and details of cab, fire door, water gauges and running boards.

WAV11  GA and details of tender.

WAV15  Complete set of 11 drawings LO97O

Note: Drawings for all of the Martin Evans designs are all available from Hobby Store at: www.myhobbystore.co.uk

Parts List

W80   BUFFER BEAM ANGLES RH                                      GM
W81   BUFFER BEAM ANGLES LH                                       GM
W82   MAIN HORNS PR                                                      CI
W83   AXLEBOX MATERIAL                                                 CI
W84   AXLEBOX KEEP MATERIAL                                         CI
W85   TRAILING AXLEBOX HORNS-2                                  GM
W86   BOGIE WHEEL                                                          CI
W87   BOGIE HORNS-                                                       GM
W88   BOGIE CENTRE CASTING                                           CI
W89   TRAILING WHEEL                                                      CI
W90   DRIVING WHEEL                                                       CI
W91   COUPLED WHEEL                                                      CI
W92   BOGIE EQUALISING BEAM                                        GM
W93   TRAILING AXLEBOX                                                  GM
W94   BOGIE AXLEBOX MATERIAL                                        GM
W96   BIG END BRASSES                                                    GM
W97   SMOKEBOX FRONT PLATE                                          GM
W98   SMOKEBOX REAR RING                                              GM
W99   SMOKEBOX DOOR                                                     GM
W100 CHIMNEY                                                                  GM
W101 DOME                                                                       GM
W102 INNER DOME                                                             GM
W103 ECCENTRICS                                                             GM
W104 GRATE                                                                      CI
W106 PETTICOAT PIPE                                                        GM
W107 BOILER FIREBOX RING                                               GM
W111 BRAKE CYLINDER                                                       GM
W112 TENDER WHEELS                                                        CI
W113 TENDER HORNS                                                         GM
W114 TENDER AXLEBOX MATERIAL                                       CI
W115 TENDER BRAKE BLOCKS                                              CI
W116 CYLINDER SET                                                            CI

Note: Drawings for all of the Martin Evans designs are all available from Hobby Store at: www.myhobbystore.co.uk